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Minimalistic qBittorrent container image based on Apline linux.


docker build --build-arg LIBTORRENT_VERSION=$(< LIBTORRENT_VERSION) --build-arg VERSION=$(< VERSION)  -t ${PWD##*/} .

Push image to registry:

docker tag ${PWD##*/} $DOCKER_REGISTRY_USERNAME/${PWD##*/}:$(< VERSION)
docker tag ${PWD##*/} $DOCKER_REGISTRY_USERNAME/${PWD##*/}:latest

Environment variables

Name Default value Description
PORT_BT 6881 Bittorrent port
PORT_UI 8080 WebUI port
TRACKERSLIST URL Trackers list for auto update
TZ UTC Timezone
UPLOAD_RATIO 5 Upload ratio until pause seeding
UPLOAD_SPEED 0 Upload speed (0=Unlimited)


docker run --detach \
--network host \
--restart always \
--volume /PATH/TO/CONFIG:/config \
--volume /PATH/TO/DOWNLOADS:/downloads \

Then make the Bittorrent port avaliable on the Internet in your firewall program, on most modern distros, it's firewalld.

Note: This container image supports the automatic update feature of Podman, please refer to the official document for help.